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Baldwin Research Institute

An Independent Alcoholism and Drug addiction Research Organization.

Research, true research, exists only in chaos. That is to say, that research conclusions are fleeting, at best. While some conclusions last longer than others, scientific conclusions are but moments in time where some element of chaos is organized, perhaps understood and codified, only to be overwhelmed by future chaos. It is the nature of research to be true for a particular time, place and circumstance.  In an ever changing universe, most or all, previously proven scientific conclusions fail with the passage of time, differing space and changing circumstance.  Still, the closer scientific conclusions are to “absolute truth” (if such truth really exists,) the greater the probably that the conclusions withstand the universal changes.  While these observations are not offered as excuses for previously reported erroneous conclusions, the observations are offered to explain two decades of study that has migrated nearly 180° from whence it began.  Over the years our research has led us away from emotionally preferred theories and replaced them with facts from behavioral sciences and neuroscience.   For example, 12 step programs are not science; nor are they a solution for drug and alcohol use.  Neuroplasticity is both, a science and a solution!

With that said and for the purpose of historically tracking our research from its earliest days, all previous research will remain on this website.  Nonetheless, it is important that the reader keep in mind that Baldwin Research Institute® is just now (June 2010) in the process of annotating the old research to indicate where and what has changed. Further, we will be adding the most recent research with new navigation features to get you to the most recent information.   Should you visit our website and not find the information you are searching for, please consider visiting again in a week or two, as we will be making major changes.  Additionally, please feel free to contact us (send us an e-mail here) with any questions you may have, differing ideas or research or comments.  We read every email daily...

As you read through the research you will come to know that this has been a long and arduous journey. Nevertheless and as it is with most things in life, the more challenging the task, the more valuable the result.  Out of the years of research emerged the most effective program ever for helping people with drug and alcohol problems.

Learn more about the life saving Saint Jude Program® here

Alcoholism is not a disease 2003

This document presents past and present research disproving the disease theory...

Read the Alcoholism is not a disease Research Paper.

New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services-2005

This research project involved over 500 surveys of over 2,000 treatment facilities in the State of New York and an investigation into the practices of the aforementioned office. The results of the study determine conclusively that Governing organizations, overseeing treatment, are not being held responsible for their failures, costing lives and taxpayer dollars.

Read the Research Paper.


Paradigm Change. How the Baldwin Research Institute has changed the Treatment Industry Forever. Read More Here


News and Events

Baldwin Research Launches the Third Edition of the Saint Jude Retreats Home Recovery Program. This new edition includes The St Jude Home Recovery Audio Book, voiced by Dr. Joy Browne
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Mark Scheeren Chairman of upstate's St. Jude Retreats claims that addiction isn't an illness, but a choice.
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Articles and Reviews

St Jude Retreat Review
The Saint Jude Retreat Home Program has long been the best self-help book available for people with substance...

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St Jude Retreat Review
People from all walks of life, from truck-drivers to medical doctors, enroll at Saint Jude Retreats

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St. Jude Retreat Reviews
Relying on over twenty years of research, the Saint Jude Retreat House has developed the first and only...

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St. Jude Retreat Reviews
The St Jude Retreats can change the way people view overcoming drug or alcohol addictions...

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St. Jude Retreat Reviews
Saint Jude Retreats is a excellent program non 12 step program that teaches addiction is a learned behavior and a choice.

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St. Jude Retreat Reviews
I attended the Saint Jude Retreat Program over 12 Years ago and it was just the program I needed.

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Saint Jude Retreats A+ - BBB Review

Reviews of The Saint Jude Retreats, Saint Jude Retreat House

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