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Review of St Jude Retreat House and Addiction ResearchAddiction Solutions
Reviews of The Saint Jude Retreat House and St Jude Retreats Program Review

Saint Jude Retreat House Program Review

Review of St Jude Retreats Houses and St Jude Retreat Program by Baldwin Research

Why is it that when people spend the time to investigate different facilities and programs for treating alcohol or drug problems, the individual usually winds up frustrated, confused and feeling less hopeful than when they began? The reason is that the majority of treatment programs intentionally complicate the problem of substance abuse rather than offering straightforward and permanent solutions.

Furthermore is review of this confusion is the fact that many facilities say that they are "the best," or the "most effective." Not every program can be the best or the most effective. Baldwin Research Institute Inc. has spent the last fifteen years inquiring into the effectiveness of alcohol treatment centers and drug recovery programs nationwide. When Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. asked each facility if their method of gathering success rate statistics was conducted by outside independent research organizations, without exception the answer was no. Most published success rate statistics are gathered by the facility themselves, and many times success rates are simply made up with without and reviews from recovery patients.
The Saint Jude Retreat House Program success rate is better than 65%, and has been verified by independent research companies and reviews from prior guest who attended the retreat program. No other program or treatment centers in the country can legitimately make that claim. And, these research reports and retreat reviews are made available to the public exactly as prepared by the outside independent researchers. That is to say that the reports as they appear on the internet are unedited. No rehabilitation program or 12 step based recovery program could withstand the scrutiny of an independent research study of success rates because such a study would most certainly expose these programs as being no better than no treatment at all. In fact, independent studies have been conducted and reported that conventional treatment and 12 step based programs are frequently less successful than no treatment at all.  So, take care when looking at success rates claimed by conventional treatment programs and 12 step programs that exceed 5%.  To promote their services conventional treatment programs and 12 step programs either make up their success rate or they conduct their own studies loading their analysis to favor the outcome they desire.  

What is the Saint Jude Retreat House and St. Jude Program?  

First it is important to know what the Saint Jude Retreat House is not: it is not a treatment center ; it is not rehabilitation center; it is not psycho-babble; it is not spiritual fantasy; it is not counseling and it most certainly is not 12 steps.  It is, first and foremost, an ducational experience leading to better choices in the future and a more positive lifestyle.  It is a program that develops social skills and eases social anxieties. It is a program that moves participants from fear and anxiety to self-confidence and positive motivation.  In short, it is a life changing experience.

What makes the Saint Jude Retreat Program so successful?

The Saint Jude Retreat House Program iseffective because it teaches common sense solutions, it builds on the hard work of maturing and changing negative habits into positive action, and it makes clear how to accept deferred gratification through stick-to-itiveness, and carefully constructed goal oriented plans. Although these principles are time tested, they require work, and the willingness to change.  

Where is the St Jude Retreats and The Saint Jude Retreat Program Offered?

The Saint Jude Retreat House Program is offered exclusively only at The St Jude Retreat House in Hagaman, NY, The Saint Jude Retreat House of Lake Algonquin NY, and the Saint Jude Executive Retreat Center.

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If you are interested in offering the most effective substance abuse program in the country please contact the Baldwin Research Institute. Contact >>

Addiction is a disease - the Great American Myth.  

The Saint Jude Retreat Center Program does not advocate belief in the disease of addiction myth. There is no disease of alcoholism; there is no disease of drug abuse; and, there is no disease of addiction! This is just one of many areas where the Saint Jude Program departs from conventional treatment and why the Saint Jude Program is significantly more effective than the conventional treatment model. Teaching our guests the need for personal responsibility for their actions rather than making excuses for poor behavior and choices, is the cornerstone to rebuilding their life. A disease by its very nature is out of the person’s control. This is simply not the case with substance abuse. Substance abusers make the choice to abuse alcohol and drugs. Choice is a behavior, not a disease.
The St. Jude Retreat Centers strong> Focus on:


Inherently, people desire joy and happiness. That is why the shortcut to (temporary) happiness through alcohol and drug abuse is so alluring. The Saint Jude Program demonstrates through an educational process that there is so much more to life than a quick fix. The program text book, The Saint Jude Retreat House, has four themes that when completed in order, transforms lives:  


"You do not have the disease of addiction. Therefore, you have the power to change this habit no matter how deep-seated you may think it is."
Analyze your entire life history, through the autobiographical process.

"Let us look together at all the counterproductive choices you have made in your life, and then, examine these patterns in minute detail." This is completed by the end of week three and enlightens our guest as to how his (her) life became so counterproductive and in many cases destructive. This autobiography process is a means to an end. It is not meant to be dwelled upon, but rather, it is created to make it clear how choices may have slowed the maturing process and caused grief and sometimes debilitating depression.
Create a comprehensive future plan built on assessed talents, positive goals and finding joy in career, as well as family/friend relationships.

This theme provides the gateway to a new life. It is absolutely imperative that the guest have a well constructed plan before returning home. Being prepared for the future makes the transition from the program to the individual's life at home a pleasure rather than a source of anxiety.

Reviews of The Saint Jude Retreat House Program and St Jude Retreats Houses Review

St Jude Retreat Reviews, Retreat News and Events
Reviews, News and Events

St Jude's Chairman, Mark Scheeren featured in the NY Post "I think it's tragic," said Mark Scheeren, chairman of upstate's St. Jude Retreat House, which makes the radical -- and sensible -- claim that addiction isn't an illness, but a choice.

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The Baldwin Research Institute will be attending the Annual World EAP conference, which will take place in Tampa Florida. October 6 through 9, 2010

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Baldwin Research Launches the Third Edition of the Saint Jude Home Program. This new edition includes and Audio Book, voiced by Dr. Joy Browne

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On June 12th, 2011 we will celebrate the Third Annual Golf Tournament.

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