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Remote Programs

Long Distance Addiction Recovery Program

Long Distance and Remote/Online Programs

The Freedom Model Online Private Instruction is an ideal solution for individuals who are seeking an outpatient alternative for substance use or have limitations on their travel availability to engage in a residential program. Offering the same revolutionary Freedom Model content and methods that are presented at our residential Freedom Model programs, The Freedom Model Private Instruction option allow individuals to remain engaged in their life commitments of family, career, and personal responsibilities while partaking in the dynamic process of self-assessment and behavioral change.

Home Online Addiction Program

Our Freedom Model Online Private Instruction may be provided as an in-person class for people in and around the New York City area or as an online program via Skype for access worldwide. Skype allows virtually anyone with an internet connection and the desire to improve their life to engage one-on-one with Steve Slate, one of the authors of The Freedom Model, in bi-weekly classes focusing on personal responsibility, empowerment, and self-directed positive neuroplastic change. After enrolling, you'll set up a class schedule to move progressively through the course material and assignments. The Freedom Model curriculum serves to supply an individualized framework for current challenges, including substance use, and develop knowledge of how to self-assess and implement the changes you desire for future planning.

For those seeking an effective, online, private, and quick solution in choosing to move forward in their lives, The Freedom Model Online Private Instruction option provides a substance use program without the 12 Step baggage of fear of relapse, shaming, judgmental perceptions, and stigmas. Within a few weeks time, an individual can shed their societally bestowed identity of "addict" or "alcoholic" and create their personal plan to implement positive, transformative change in their life. This change is self-determined change without endless, expensive therapeutic intervention or commitment to lifelong meetings and the dependency that can come with them. The Freedom Model Private Instruction is an excellent option for those looking for a private and confidential way to move permanently beyond their substance use issues on their own terms with their own schedule.