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Baldwin Research Institute Program Success Rate

Baldwin Research Institute Program Success Rate

Please remember that The Freedom Model is the 'ONLY' program in the United States which continuously evolves based solely on research.

The Freedom Model, offered exclusively at The Saint Jude Retreats, is the only approach in the world that conducts ongoing, confidential follow-up surveys with the permission of program graduates and their families. Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., the parent company of The Saint Jude Retreats, is a research organization whose mission is to develop programs that help people to permanently overcome substance abuse, addiction and other habitual behavioral problems. Baldwin Research Institute, Inc. developed The Freedom Model approach as a result of nearly 30 years of research, and is the only program that continuously evolves based on ongoing research findings.

Baldwin Research Institute, Inc., the parent company of The Saint Jude Retreats, cooperates with independent research companies to conduct biennial surveys of The Freedom Model and The Freedom Model graduates to ascertain the abstinence based success rate of The Freedom Model. Past graduates are selected at random by an independent firm (2008, Clearwater Research, Inc.) and are then surveyed by phone interview as to the status of their sobriety. Then, a second and separate call is placed to the graduate's family (a corroborator) and they, too, are surveyed to validate or invalidate each graduate's response. Surveys were done two times per year by Baldwin Research Institute prior to 2004, and have since been completed biennially by independent research organizations. A survey has been conducted in this manner since the inception of the Saint Jude Program in 1991 and all random samplings include all graduates who have consented to inclusion in the research. More than 95% of retreat attendees consent to inclusion in BRI's research.

The survey consists of a single inquiry pertaining to the alcohol and drug use of the individual. The answers are gathered from the graduate and the corroborator and entered accordingly. The survey is set up to include only two categories: "drunk" and "sober." Those who may have successfully moderated their use (our research supports that this occurs in a relatively small percentage of our retreat graduates) must be included in the "drunk" category for research purposes to eliminate the gray areas that many facilities use to bolster their claims of success.

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